How do I reduce my company insurance?

Although there is no direct legal requirement to carry out PAT, some insurance companies may insist PAT Testing is implemented before issuing or renewing policies.

Electrical faults and therefore accidents usually occur through misuse or incorrect installation of the equipment. One of the most common faults identified by our engineers is a cable exiting a floor box from the side rather than the manufactured cable feed/exit point, resulting in the cable sheath being cut.

PAT should always be carried out by trained engineers, whether internal or from a third party. The advantage of using a third party is that the liability is removed from the client.

PAT testing should be seen as an essential part of business operations as it not only confirms safety of equipment, but may also determine minor faults in advance of a full equipment failure. Often these problems can be cured at the time of testing free of charge.

PAT testing logs the description, location and status of each appliance, and therefore provides an asset register of electrical equipment.

As stated previously, there is no direct law requiring a PAT test, however, PAT will prevent the majority of electrical faults and is therefore seen favorably by insurance companies.


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